Teacher or Preacher?

Our latest legal complaint at the American Humanist Association involves a Texas teacher who promotes Christianity in her classroom. She’s placed a large Christian cross in the room, and she’s made statements such as telling the class that nobody is perfect except for one person, “Our Lord.” Here’s a story from the local newspaper, the Brownsville Herald.

As I told the reporter, the Constitution requires religious neutrality from teachers. This is a simple concept, but many school officials seem to have trouble grasping it. Instead, they feel that their majority faith holds a privileged position in the community. We have to remind them that public schools are for everyone, not just Christians. Our letter to school officials demands corrective action. Stay tuned to see how they respond.

Legal Victory: School Removes Teacher’s Prayer Request Board

Our latest legal victory at the American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center comes from Mississippi, where a public school agreed to remove a teacher’s “prayer request” board in response to our complaint. Full story here.