Is Bernie personally secular?


Interesting piece in the Washington Post discussing the religious beliefs (or lack thereof) of Bernie Sanders. The article speculates that he may be an agnostic.

I contacted his office a few years ago on this subject in connection with work I was doing for secular nonprofits. I asked his office staff if we could discuss his religion. The response I got: “Bernie doesn’t like to talk about religion.”

At the time Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) was the first and only open atheist in Congress. He has since retired, so now there are none, though we know that there are at least a couple dozen who are closeted atheists and agnostics. Like Bernie, however, those who are personally secular tend to not like talking about religion. Too bad, as openly secular candidates and office holders could help change the hyper-religious atmosphere in politics, and that could have a big effect on public policy.

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  1. Joan Fahlgren
    Joan Fahlgren says:

    Maybe after the election? The poll numbers on the subject are scary to a non-believing candidate.

  2. Jean
    Jean says:

    After having watched Bernie on Jimmy Kimmel I think it is probably safe to say that he is at least agnostic. No one has come out in his past to attach him to any religion from NY to Vermont and you’d think that in all that time there’d be something. Here’s hoping

  3. Mike
    Mike says:

    For me religion is a non-issue in the political arena. It’s disgusting to see the number of politicians that refer to their religion for political gain. A politician that states that they don’t want to talk about religion is music to my ears and tells me that it is a purely personal aspect of everyone’s life and the issue should then be dropped.

  4. Gadfly
    Gadfly says:

    “Do you believe in God?”
    Bernie Sanders: “Yeah, I do. I do. I’m not into organized religion. But I believe that what impacts you impacts me, that we are all united in one way or another. When children go hungry, I get impacted. When kids die because they can’t afford medicine, I get impacted. We are one world and one people. And that belief leads me to the conclusion that we just cannot turn our back on human suffering.”
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