‘In God We Trust’ on Police Cruisers: Lies and False Pretenses

“In God We Trust” has been America’s national motto since 1956, but only recently have we seen efforts by religious conservatives to place the motto anywhere and everywhere. One trend that’s been quite prevalent, especially in the Bible Belt, has been to place “In God We Trust” stickers on police cruisers. Such campaigns, if successful, allow religious conservatives to define their communities on their terms, sending a strong, unwelcoming message to freethinkers, liberals, and non-Christians.

These “In God We Trust” campaigns are the subject of a piece for The Humanist magazine this week. The article takes a close look at the misrepresentations that are being made by the proponents of the motto. Almost laughably, they often claim that the words have nothing to do with promoting God-belief. Do you believe them?  The article is here.


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