Connecting the Dots

Why another blog?

It’s a legitimate question: I already blog at Psychology Today, so why do I need yet another site, with yet another blog? Isn’t one enough?

The answer is simple: No, my PT blog is not enough.

As those familiar with my PT writing know, that blog—Our Humanity, Naturally—provides occasional articles (usually about one a month) on subjects relevant to humanists, atheists, and others who follow the culture wars. If there is a common thread in my PT articles, it’s that they try to connect the dots between the abandonment of reason in American society and the tragic social-political dysfunction that plagues the nation. Without the former, I argue, we wouldn’t have the latter. (As we see from the above screenshot, not everyone agrees with my articles, but sometimes the negative feedback tends to prove my thesis!)

As much as I enjoy writing the PT blog, however, the relatively infrequent posts don’t allow me to convey a constant stream of information or commentary on news and issues of the day. A monthly PT article will hopefully cover topics that interest readers, but by definition it can’t continuously have its finger on the pulse of day-to-day events.

That’s what I hope to achieve via this site and this blog—a steadier stream of information that keeps readers up-to-date on news of interest, combined with commentary that applies the themes found in my books to events of the day. We’ll be connecting those dots on a constant, ongoing basis.

The title of one of my recent Psychology Today articles stated an undeniable truth: Anti-Intellectualism Is Killing America. The aim of this new blog is to relentlessly confront that issue. When critical thinking is absent in social and political discourse, when institutional interests use anti-reason to promote public policy that is hostile to the interests of real people, this blog will have something to say about it. Besides my own writing, I’ll also post articles written by others, videos, interviews, and all sorts of other content of interest.

In short, unlike any other site where my writing can be found, this site can be considered my central repository of sorts. Virtually all of my material, from PT and everywhere else, will be found here in one form or another, along with lots of other content from a wide variety of sources. If you’re wondering what I’m up to lately—at the American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center or elsewhere—there’s a good chance you’ll find the answer here. There’s also a link at this site to subscribe to my new newsletter, which will relay much of this information in a compact email format every week or two.

So enjoy, and don’t be shy about providing feedback.