Niose explorers secularism’s extraordinary rise and shows how it offers hope for more rational, inquiry-based public policy and discussion.” – Publishers Weekly

Time to Tax Churches?

The Washington Post asked me to write a piece on whether churches…

New Event: Suffolk Law in October

I'll be visiting Suffolk University in Boston in October as a guest speaker of the law school's Secular Legal Society. The event will take place at the law school (120 Tremont Street) and is scheduled for Wednesday, October 7, at 6:30 p.m.

Teacher or Preacher?

Our latest legal complaint at the American Humanist Association…

How to Pray for an Atheist

Here's my latest article from my Psychology Today blog, Our Humanity,…

Legal Victory: School Removes Teacher's Prayer Request Board

Our latest legal victory at the American Humanist Association's…

Connecting the Dots

Why another blog? It’s a legitimate question: I already blog at Psychology Today, so why do I need yet another site, with yet another blog?