Niose explores secularism’s extraordinary rise and shows how it offers hope for more rational, inquiry-based public policy and discussion.” – Publishers Weekly

National Superiority on the School Curriculum

Reading, writing, arithmetic . . . and American Exceptionalism? In many schools today, nationalistic indoctrination is a higher priority than critical thinking.

Is Bernie personally secular?

The press is starting to speculate about the religious beliefs (or lack thereof) of Bernie Sanders. In inquired several years ago with his office. See what the told me.

The Week in Stupid: Cowboy Up!

This week we go to cowboy country, where we find not just one example of American anti-intellectualism, but a stupefying chain of it running from a cowboy preacher to the local media to the population at large.

The Week in Stupid

No jokes, please, about my being perfectly qualified to author a regular feature entitled The Week in Stupid. This column, which will appear from time to time but probably not every week, will highlight some of the more stunning and grandiose exhibitions of anti-intellectualism in American culture.

Hillary's Secular Credentials Are Less Than Perfect

There are many reasons to question Hillary Clinton's commitment to secularism. She has let us down before, and she's quite chummy with our adversaries.

Badass: The Culture that Makes Gun Reform Impossible

Another news cycle, another mass shooting. Here we go again. As…

Congressional Prayer Caucus Under Scrutiny

USA Today takes a look at a taxpayer-funded political power center of fundamentalist religion. The Congressional Prayer Caucus is committed to tearing down the wall of separation.

Should Doctors Disclose Religious Bias?

Your doctor's religious beliefs shouldn't dictate your health care options, but they can. Claims of "religious freedom" from health care providers can leave patients with sub-par care.

Church Tax Exemption: Swatting Away Lame Defenses

When you challenge religious privilege in America, it doesn’t…

'In God We Trust' on Police Cruisers: Lies and False Pretenses

Those campaigning to place "In God We Trust" stickers on police cruisers insist that they aren't trying to promote God-belief. Don't believe them.

Court allows our church-state lawsuit against Texas school board to go forward

Our AHA legal team has scored a victory in Texas, where a Fort…

A Boy Scout can worship a rock, but can't be an atheist

In doing some research about the Boy Scouts of America's ban on atheists -- they don't allow nonbelievers as members or leaders -- I came across an interesting piece of reading. It's a document that appears to be a BSA internal memo from 1991 describing and explaining the organization's policies against atheists, girls, and gays.