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Samantha Bee Nails It

If you’re unfamiliar with the history of the Religious Right, television host Samantha Bee provided a great primer on the subject in her opening segment last night. Though presented in the comic style commonly seen in late-night “not-really-news” news shows, the segment accurately surveys the topic. It covers how evangelicals were apolitical for many decades, […]

Will Hillary Be a Weak Nominee?

My latest piece in Salon warns that Hillary Clinton, despite her impressive resume, has shown herself to be a weak politician. Strong credentials don’t make a strong candidate. Will this be a problem for Democrats in November? Full article here.

Open Humanist Poised to Win Congressional Seat

In a high-profile Maryland congressional primary on Tuesday, an open humanist prevailed over a crowded field. State Sen. Jamie Raskin, a member of the American Humanist Association and recipient of the organization’s 2008 Humanist Distringuished Service Award, beat out competitors who included Kathleen Matthews, the wife of television host Chris Matthews, and David Trone, a […]

It’s Not Democracy If You Can’t Vote

With a stroke of his pen on Friday, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe restored voting rights to over 200,000 convicted felons. The executive order allows full democratic participation for those who have completed their incarceration and any supervised probation or parole. The public statement accompanying McAuliffe’s order directly addressed the invidious nature of laws denying voting […]

New Event: AU Religious Liberty Dinner

New event: On June 2 I’ll be speaking at the Annual Religious Liberty Dinner of the Massachusetts Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Two other authors, Rob Boston and Katherine Stewart, will be on the program as well. Both Rob and Katherine are strong advocates for secular government. Rob serves as […]

Why Patriotism Won’t Heal a Divided America

Conservative columnist David Brooks, lamenting the “weakening of the social fabric” in modern society, has called for a renewed appreciation of our interconnectedness, telling readers that Americans should work on “widening their circles of attachment across income, social and racial divides.” Admirable goals, to be sure, and Brooks gushes as he expands on the idea. […]

Humanism and the ‘Political Revolution’

My latest Psychology Today article considers the role of humanism in the context of a “political revolution” made so popular by Bernie Sanders. Such a revolution requires the support of strong social movements and activist organizations, but the traditional sources of such support, such as unions and liberal religious groups, are relatively weak nowadays. Does […]

Carrie Fisher to receive Harvard Humanist Award

The Force is strong in her, even if she’s a secular humanist. Carrie Fisher, well known for many roles but none more than that of Princess Leia in the Star Wars saga, will receive the Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism from the Humanist Community at Harvard. The award, which is presented in conjunction […]