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Landmark Secular Resolution Passed at DNC

Here’s something that flew under the radar of the press last week at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. The above resolution, making quite a statement about religion and politics while recognizing the value and importance of the nonreligious demographic, was passed at the DNC by the LGBT Caucus of the Democratic Party. This is […]

As a Society, We’ve Got Issues

My latest Psychology Today piece comes in the wake of a violent week, even by the standards of our extremely violent society, with innocent black men being killed by police in Louisiana and Minnesota, then five police officers being gunned down in Dallas. There’s much that can be said about this kind of senseless violence, […]

‘Anti-intellectualism’ passes the 2 million mark

Anti-intellectualism Is Killing America, a piece I wrote last year for Psychology Today, has gone platinum, passing the two million views milestone this week. The article was written in the wake of the Charleston, South Carolina, church shooting in June, and it went viral immediately, passing one million views in about two days. It’s still […]

Ocala in the summertime

Ocala, Florida, isn’t an ideal destination at the height of summer, but I’ll be heading there this week for legal work. I’ll be deposing the city’s mayor and police chief in connection with a lawsuit brought by the American Humanist Association and several local residents who objected to a prayer vigil that was promoted and […]

Orlando shows the utter failure of all Abrahamic religion

Violence in America is nothing new, of course, nor is violence aimed specifically at gays and lesbians, but the horrific mass murder at a gay nightclub in Orlando last week is causing many to realize that a serious cultural reassessment is overdue. A number of dangerous elements were present in the Orlando attack—homophobia, religious extremism, […]

Felony Disenfranchisement Is a Humanist Issue

In the wide array of issues out there, felony disenfranchisement doesn’t rank very high on anyone’s list of priorities. Many states have laws that prohibit convicted felons from voting, sometimes even for life, and the outcry of protest is not very loud. But it should be. As I explain in my latest Psychology Today piece, […]

Objecting to Iowa Governor’s Prayer Proclamation

Iowa’s governor has issued a proclamation encouraging citizens to participate in a four-day prayer marathon from June 30 to July 3. The proclamation is filled with religious assertions and historical inaccuracies. For example, it calls the Bible “the one true revelation from God.” Not surprisingly, this kind of activity caught the attention of AHA’s followers, […]

Latest church-state scuffle: Beebe, Arkansas

I had to contact the mayor of Beebe, Arkansas, this morning to register objections to his public endorsement of Christianity, complete with a message of city letterhead declaring his goal to “usher the presence of god and to celebrate the Christian message” via a city-sponsored event that will feature gospel musicians. The AHA’s press release, […]

The Trump Trajectory

In my latest Salon piece, I take a look at the warnings of fascism surrounding the Trump candidacy. Are they realistic fears? What we find is that Trump is just a symptom of the problem, and that the trajectory toward fascism has been ongoing for decades, thanks in large part to the militarism that has […]

First-Ever University Chair Endowed for Study of Atheism

The nation’s first university chair for the study of atheism, humanism, and secular ethics is being created at the University of Miami. The post is made possible by a $2.2 million donation from businessman Louis Appignani, who for years has been an active supporter of atheist and humanist groups in the United States. According to […]