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AHA Back in Court: Fourth Circuit Appeal

Our American Humanist Association legal center was back in court yesterday, this time in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, arguing for removal of a 40-foot Christian cross from a traffic median in Bladensburg, Maryland. Coverage from the Washington Post here.

Corporate Power and the Demise of Democracy

My latest Psychology Today article looks at the powerlessness of average citizens in 2016 and the frustration and anger that flow from it. After all, it was just such powerlessness that ultimately produced the voter backlash that led to Donald Trump’s election. So why are ordinary people so powerless? It’s because institutional interests control the […]

Church-State Appeal Arguments

I haven’t posted much recently because I’ve been very busy with legal work. One thing I’ve been working an is an appeal of a church-state case in Colorado. It finally went to court yesterday, in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, Colorado. The case involves a school district that has actively and repeatedly […]

The Danger of Claiming that Rights Come from God

My latest Psychology Today article explores the claim, so often heard from those promoting God-language in the public arena, that our rights come from God and can’t be taken away by the government. Such grandiose claims may have an appeal, but they can’t stand up to scrutiny. Full article here.

Why Don’t They Baptize Fetuses?

My latest piece for The Humanist is a bit cheeky, but it also asks some serious theological questions. If the Vatican insists life begins at conception, while also claiming that salvation is impossible without baptism, why aren’t they baptizing fetuses? See the article here.

They Asked Me to Give a Sermon

    It’s not every day that an atheist and secular activist is asked to give a church sermon. But that’s what happened last week, when the folks at First Parish (Unitarian Universalist) in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, invited me to be part of their service. The audio of the service unfortunately is not very good, but […]

Conference: CFI of Northeast Ohio, September 17

I’ll be speaking at the conference of CFI of Northeast Ohio on September 17. The theme of the conference is Humanist Voices: Secular Solutions for a Troubled World. The conference will be held at the Crowne Plaza Cleveland South, 5300 Rockside Road, Independence, Ohio. More details at this link.

Freethinkers and Libertarianism (Book Excerpt from Fighting Back the Right)

With the candidates of both major parties carrying high negatives this election year, the Libertarian Party is enjoying more attention than usual. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, both two-term governors, give Libertarians a presidential ticket with credentials, and many disaffected voters feel that the third party deserves a serious look. Thus, a critique of libertarianism […]