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Do You Realize How Far Trump’s Religion Speech Went?

Donald Trump gave his first commencement speech as president last weekend. The venue was Liberty University, the Virginia school founded by fundamentalist preacher Jerry Falwell. Trump let his conservative Christian audience know that he appreciates their support and is working for them — much to the detriment of secularism in America. My latest Psychology Today […]

Interview: Conatus News

I recently did an interview with Conatus News, discussing humanist activism, church-state separation, the American Humanist Association’s Pledge Boycott, and the work of the AHA Appignani Humanist Legal Center. The full interview can be found here.

On Trump’s Snub of the Press

Donald Trump has decided not to attend the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner, the first president in 36 years to decline the invitation. In my latest article in The Humanist, I argue this is good news. Full story here.  

Another Legal Victory

Our legal team’s latest church-state victory comes from Missouri, where a federal court ruled in our favor in a case involving a school district that has been sending students on field trips to a Christian ministry. The American Humanist Association sent a complaint letter to the Joplin School District two years ago, but the district […]

Eternal Oblivion? So What?

Who’s afraid of oblivion? My latest piece for Psychology Today provides a humanist viewpoint on death and the afterlife (or the lack thereof). Full story here.

March for Science is April 22

With the success of the Women’s March on Washington last month, another idea for rallying has gained traction — a March for Science. In today’s post-truth America, the denial and misuse of science is widespread, and the March for Science is an attempt to push back. Here’s my latest Psychology Today piece, discussing the issue […]

New event: Boston, January 25

I’ll be at Boston University on Wednesday night, January 25, at 7:30, discussing the topic, “The Danger of Claiming Rights Come from God.” The event is hosted by the Disproof Atheism Society and will be held in room 442 of the Photonics Center. More details here.  

New event: Providence, Rhode Island, January 9

I will be in Providence, Rhode Island, on Monday night, January 9, at an event sponsored by the Humanists Of Rhode Island, speaking on the topic of “Humanism in Trump’s America.” The event takes place at the Rochambeau Library, 708 Hope Street, with a start time of 7 p.m. More details here. If you’re in […]